More reliable and durable

Mine-used structural parts, engines and world-renowned hydraulic parts, relying on the three-in-one test system, have been rigorously verified. Compared with the previous generation, the stress of key structural parts has been reduced by 50%, and the life of the whole machine has been greatly increased.

Smarter and more comfortable

Fully electronically controlled integrated system, one-click selection of operating scenarios and private customized operating parameters, the machine is more intelligent. The operation control precision is high, the response is fast, and the impact is small. Standard air suspension seat, more comfortable operation

More efficient and energy saving

Using low fuel consumption, fast dynamic response engine and high-pressure, large-flow hydraulic system, heavy-duty digging force stronger, higher output, large-diameter hydraulic system, reduce system back pressure, full electronic control technology to achieve precise control, no boom Power reduction technology, lower fuel consumption, and increase the overall energy efficiency by more than 30% compared with the previous generation products

Easier maintenance and lower maintenance cost

Independent oil dispersion, water dispersion reversal function, electric reel lubrication pump, central maintenance channel, maintenance is more convenient, long-life hydraulic oil, filter element, maintenance cycle is doubled, and cost is reduced by 50%